Dissolving the blocks that stop you making sales.

Blow out the limiting beliefs in your business.

I’m an expert. Well I was.

I became an expert in blocking sales after some totally random experiences that all pitched together that evolved a belief that I couldn’t – yes it was that definite – I could not make sales.

Which was pretty frustrating because I used to be really good at it.

I would research my leads, choose which businesses would fit our market.

3 out of 5 calls would sign up for the family discount network I worked for.

In the past year, I went through eight months without a sale. That’s almost 100 calls where I did not make a sale.
I put it down to being distracted with moving house, we were house hopping so it was difficult to be consistent as I used to be.
I had all these ‘reasons’ piling up, until we moved. Unpacked. And I started again. Nothing. Totally weird.

Luckily the owner of the network loves me and I’m useful in other ways, but it got to the point where it was demoralising.

I saw experts, energy healers, affirmed the crap out of this issue and still – crickets.

Nothing. No sales.


Then I was able to turn it around.

All the different strategies I had tried to heal this sales rift within myself, finally came together and changed my outlook.

I’ll explain the techniques you could use to identify the blocks, what some possible blocks are (they might help you get started), then the different strategies you can use to change the blocks.

Now blocks can either be something that you allow to squash you – or you can use as foundation stones to a better life. It’s in your perspective.

One easy way to see if something is an issue, is to muscle test. It’s a Kinesiology technique that can allow you to get straight to an issue without the navel gazing.
You must be well hydrated for this to be effective.

Two simple ways to do this.

Hold your pointer finger to your thumb and hold tight.
Take the pointer finger through the hole and try to pull it between the two fingers.
When you go to pull – make a statement that you know to be true or untrue, like I am a woman etc. 
Which ever works on the true statement is your indicator (some people have the fingers release on a positive and others hold- hey we are all different).

The other technique I use is to stand up and make the statement. My body leans forward on positive statements. 

Some of the statements you could test on, if you aren’t making the sales you would like are:

I believe in the product or service.

I know people need this product or service.

This product or service is valuable.

This product or service is valuable to my market.

I love this product or service.


I deserve to make money.

Money is my birthright.

I am sucessful.

and try some statements that you may see as being negative.

It’s hard for me to make money.

I have to work hard for my money.

I don’t like making sales.

Sales people are liars.

Sales people are shifty.

Sales people are only out for the sale.

I can have what I need and never any more.

I don’t deserve to be happy.

Life is a struggle.

I am not an expert.

I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Money is hard to come by.

Noone will buy this product or service.

My business is not big enough to be taken seriously.

I am lazy.

They said I’d never make it.

They said . . . . . . .

I procrastinate too much.

I can’t do the techy things in my business.

I don’t know how to market my business.

and here are a few odd ones . . . . 

It’s useless to try.

I am always undermined.

I’ll never be good enough.

Others are so much better than me.

Nice guys finish last.

Honesty has no place in business.

There is no room in the marketplace for my product or service.


OK – if you found any of these statements existed (or that you didn’t agree with the first positive ones), there is some work to do.

It’s not about always finding out WHY you believe these restricting statements, just simply, you need to let go of them and replace them with something positive. It can take time. but once you get started, you’ll be changing things for the better. So get started. test yourself on the statements.
If you find any that you need to change, there is nothing wrong with you, apart from having something stuck to you that doesn’t belong there. Like leaving a public toilet having stepped on toilet paper or a paper hand towel and it’s coming with you. It’s easy to remove, you don’t own it, you don’t have to live with it and it only causes a little embarrassment and inconvenience.
There are some beliefs that will have a bigger impact and will be a little more complicated to remove, but when you do this process on a regular basis, it will be like checking a full length mirror before you walk out, so you’ll never again feel like you have left with your skirt caught up in your knickers 😉


First step to change can simply be identifying a belief and asking  in a mirror – is this true for me?
Confrontation can be enough to disolve it. You are simply openly acknowledging that a belief no longer serves you or is true for you.

Before you go beating yourself up and create more negative beliefs like ‘I’m useless, can’t do anything right . . . .’ let me remind you,
those beliefs have been there for a reason. You don’t need to know specifically what that was, like an old scarf that’s gone out of fashion you can simply let it go. Most beliefs have developed because they served a purpose. Don’t let them choke you – simply decide if you still need it in your life, if it applies anymore.
It may have given you courage, kept you safe, elevated you above the chaos, kept you out of sight, protected you in some way.
Thank it for being there, acknowledge that it was serving you and can now go as you no longer need it.

Back to changing.

Some beliefs can be flooded out with affirmations and action.

Saying affirmations will only get you so far. Take action to PROVE to yourself that the statement no longer applies to you and you will rewrite your story quickly.
There are many fun ways to use affirmations. Post it notes in convenient places, using a vision movie (one of my favourites) is great as you can overlay images and text. I find when I am stalling, I’ll watch my vision movie and something triggers me to take action on something.
Making a recording and listening to it throughout the day will help to flood the gaps left by the beliefs you have removed.

Tapping (EFT) is a terrific way to confront old beliefs and embed new ones.
Check out Youtube for Pamela Bruner, Marguerita Vorobioff (she has a few channels), Madonna Robinson and someone who does things a little different is Kim Eibrink Jansen.  (The last three people are based here in Australia and I have worked with all of them over the past 7 years).

Most tapping starts out grading the feeling from 0 -10. Then you make statements in the negative, the issue etc.
Slowly you then change them to positive statements. This can be terrific, but like cleaning out a pantry, you can miss things lurking in the back.
Kim has taught me the technique of simply saying the negative or doubt over and over. It slowly lifts, sometimes I see WHY the belief was there, sometimes it just evaporates. Sometimes I find myself changing the doubt into a positive belief without consciously doing so. YAY!

It’s a gentle, easy process. But you’ll have your own preference, so try a few modalities. Journalling could be the key for you. I’m a visual girl which is why the Vision Movie works so well for me, but I have friends who simply write it out.

So if you are reading this and you aren’t where you want to be in your business, try testing yourself on the statements. Ask yourself in a quiet moment ‘Why am I holding myself back’ and the answer, if you are willing to hear it, will come. Then ask ‘How do I change it?’ and that guidance will come too.

Another option is to get a guide. Energy and belief systems can be tricky and the fabulous Karen Wallace (another Australian) has a program to help you hitch on your big girl’s panties and get moving. her quiet whispers of encouragement and techniques to help you clear the path forward are remarkable. If you need a guiding hand, check out her website www.karenwallace.com she has a private program coming up specifically for business women, so you may need to email her about it.

Kim has a Universal Business program that can have you looking at your business in an entirely new way www.kimeft.com

You have the power to change, you have the answers and the ability to create the life you truly love.