Creating A Profile In Your Market.

Ah. Your brand. Not just your business, but your personal brand.

I am about to go through this myself. I am stepping back into the nanny sector, as The Nanny Advisor.
I have played this role in the past, mainly supporting nannies and spending time advising parents on how to source, select and screen a nanny.

I love the role, and having done it in the past, it will be easier for me this time around to step into that space.

I don’t do this alone though. I seek out the experts in each field and ensure I have ‘life spoilers’ as my kids call them, the inside information about what I need to be doing and how to make things happen.

If you are the main person in your business, you will be the front person.

If you have a strong brand, you can just walk into a room and not even speak, and people will know what you stand for and what you do.

The amount of work that it takes initially will pay dividends in the long term.

Once you have established your precence, it will be relatively easy to maintain your staus as long as you are consistent.


So how do you get there in the first place?

Become the expert in your field. There are many ‘experts’ on becoming an ‘expert’. So pick one that seems to get your brand, as the language that they use and energy project will filter through in your content as you follow their pattern. We tend to reflect the 9 people closest to us. So make sure those people (on a business level) have a synergy with your market.

Next start to formulate your plan.
You’ll need to BE committed and consistent to build relationships and trust.
PROVIDE social proof as to the position you want to hold by interacting with other leaders in your industry.
SHARE so much information about your speciality that you are the ‘go to girl’ in your marketplace.
Be SEEN with other experts, get on video, host live interactions with Periscope, Google Hangouts, Spreecasts or BLAB.
Create avenues where you can have a conversation with your market and get talking.

I’ll start with Brendon Burchard.
Because of his content – it’s simple and straightforward. But also because of his energy. I am a professional wallflower, extremely effective at encouraging families to blend harmoniously, in bring mums to a place where they can easily elevate their self esteem and confidence in all areas of their lives and helping small business owners to brainstorm and organise their marketing and plan for profits.
I literally take a back seat and point out obstacles and potentials. It’s an art, to be a friendly backseat driver. To be able to balance being opinionated and resourceful, without getting in anyone’s way. HA. Not the best position to promote my own profile though.
So having Brendon in my head (podcasts, videos and and books) helps me stay focused as I aim to take on the role of an expert, but to do it with grace and ease.
I lean towards being as passionate and effervescent as Brendon is in his business and hold that space.

Brendon gives you the outline to spread your message. Create content, create experiences, elevate your status with webinars, downloadable products, write for others, write a book, have live chats, giveaway content in small doses (that leads people to your paid products) and create a platform.


Next you find the experts in your chosen platforms to ensure your can deliver with confidence and avoid any issues. I say chosen, because you need to pick a few, do them extremely well and THEN expand. try to manage many platforms at the same time and you’ll be running around like a blue arse fly not doing anything well.

For me, I’m starting with my quote / inspiration pics. I’ve been collecting ideas for a while. So now I decide on a template and start creating.
You can use PicMonkey but I love Canva for ease and the templates they provide.

In the meantime, I have a book to finish, well 5 books. I already have PDF’s available on sign ups which address different aspects of the nanny employment process for parents. These products lead people to the publications which are available at a tiny cost.
These books will be sold on Amazon, which on my first attempt wasn’t as easy as I thought!
“Write your book in a Word document, load it to Amazon and whoop dee dooo you will have a best seller”. Um. Nope.

There are steps inbetween so I approached Amanda Robins who take people to Best Seller status all the time.
She has a subtle way of boosting your energy and confidence to present yourself to your market with absolute certainty and integrity. Amanda is all over the process with Amazon. Even though I had previously failed in it, just knowing that I was going into the process again, but this time with knowledge from a trusted source had my expectations high and my confidence level at a point where even if I hit a hurdle, I knew I would be able to work it all out.

In addition to the books, my other goal over the coming months is to create hours of video footage covering all the different topics in the nanny employment process so I can not only give the impression that I know what I’m talking about, but also to test the waters and discover what people really want to know about.
You see, as experts we know what our market NEEDS to know, but to be successful and build relationships, delivering what they WANT is what elevates us in their eyes.

To help me with this, I’m following along with Melissa Groom’s 30 day video challenge.

I have been sitting in the background of the program since the very beginning. Over that time I have watched so many businesses launch into a new space of profit and prescence, all within a 30 day period. So I’m off to start my ‘to do’ list and while I am glammed up, I’ll add in a few more videos to create online programs with. I have many plans for video work, but it’s going to be hard initially as I really have a hard time being in front of the camera. I’m usually holding it or doing the editing!
So it comes back to the one thing that Amanda would say. And Melissa too.

Be authentic. Be yourself. Share your knowledge and do what it takes to spread your message. That last bit, that would be Brendon.