Are you a flasher?


The one thing that I see business owners failing at over and over, and just this one small change is what can take their businesses from breakdown to brilliant.

Being consistent.

I’ve been guilty of it myself. Flashing.

I jump into my social media and my business, and get busy . . . . and then seemingly disappear. Often just as I’m gaining some momentum.

It’s ridiculous. My main reason for doing this was priorities – whether I would step back to support my family or someone around me – it’s been my business social media that would take a step back to allow me to accommodate someone elses needs.

Now that I am fully committed to my businesses for the next 12 months and have ensured that everyone has a replacement for me – I can jump in consistently. Which will make a massive difference.
And it doesn’t take long. In under a month – you’ll see a dramatic difference in your reach on social media and by adding in regular call to actions – you will see an increase in sales and subscribers.

Be aware that you need to maintain your presence to maintain your cashflow. When you get busy, you may get distracted and let the posts and promotions fall to the wayside.

Set up some systems and just 30 – 50 minutes a week, you can ensure that you cover the basics with your social media.

Once a week you can schedule posts. Then just check in a few times a day to connect directly with people in real time.
Share a spontaneous post throughout the day – but ensure it’s connected so when you post on Instagram, that it flows back to Facebook. Two posts for the effort of only one.


Be Brave. Be Consistent and Be Bold.

Share who you are and what your business is about. Share the stories of your customers and your followers will lap it all up.

But no more flashing OK!